Google’s Find My Device App Gets Indoor Maps to Help Locate Your Phone

November 23, 2018

Google has introduced an ‘indoor maps’ feature to its Find My Device app so that it can direct users to the spot where they might have accidentally dropped their smartphones. The search engine giant has not specifically listed which buildings the new feature applies to, so users would have to test their luck, The Verge reported on […]

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Virat Kohli Official App Launched for Android and iOS on His Birthday

November 6, 2018

Cricket icon Virat Kohli turned 30 on Monday. But alongside celebrating his birthday, Kohli’s fans have another reason the cheer – it’s his first-ever official mobile app. The app, called the Virat Kohli Official App on Android and Virat on iOS, comes as a one-stop place to let cricket lovers stay closer to the Indian […]

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GPlayed Trojan Masquerades as Google Play to Attack Android Devices: Cisco Talos

October 15, 2018

Researchers have identified a new Android Trojan, dubbed as ‘GPlayed’, that comes with several built-in capabilities. The Trojan is said to be extremely flexible, which makes it a very effective tool for cyber-attackers. It has been found to be resembling a popular Google service on infected Android devices – the Google Play store. In order to fool users into […]

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WhatsApp Status Ads Said to Be Coming to Android Soon

October 9, 2018

Ads on WhatsApp are something that have been in the headlines for some time. But now, it has been reported that WhatsApp for Android version 2.18.305, the latest beta version, has received implementation of ads in the Status section. To recall, a Wall Street Journal report in August revealed that ads will be served through WhatsApp Status starting next year. […]

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Google May Have to Make Major Changes to Android in Response to a Forthcoming Fine in Europe

July 10, 2018

Google could face a new record penalty this month from European regulators for forcing its search and web-browsing tools on the makers of Android-equipped smartphones and other devices, potentially resulting in major changes to the world’s most widely deployed mobile operating system. The punishment from Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s competition chief, is expected to include […]

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Some Android Devs See Sudden Drop in Install Rates Due to Newer Google Play Algorithms

July 8, 2018

Some Android developers have reported a sudden drop in the install rate for their apps due to tweaks enhancing the ranking of quality apps on Google Play. The new development surfaces months after Google announced an upgrade in its discovery algorithms to consider quality and user engagement while ranking apps on the Play store. The search giant has underlined the outcome of […]

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Jio Phone WhatsApp, YouTube Support Coming on July 21: All You Need to Know

July 7, 2018

Jio Phone was launched with much fanfare last year, promising to revolutionising the feature phone market as the company’s telecom operations had upended the industry. However, the Jio Phone platform does not have access to some of the most widely used apps in India. These include messaging app WhatsApp and video streaming website YouTube. Even Facebook was a late entrant […]

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Android plans to improve security update speed this year

March 24, 2017

Google has spent the past year working with third-party manufacturers and phone carriers to improve its update system for Android, which is often criticized for not being fast enough to protect users from known vulnerabilities. And while Google says it has made some progress in this area — Android issued security updates to 735 million devices from […]

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New App Turns Android Smartphones Into Earthquake Detectors

February 18, 2016

Researchers have developed an app that can turn smartphones into a worldwide seismic network that could eventually warn users of impending jolts from a nearby earthquake. With the help of a smartphone’s accelerometer – the motion-detection instrument – the app, called MyShake taps a phone’s ability to record ground shaking from an earthquake. The android […]

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New Android Malware Steals Banking Information, Wipes Out Data

February 17, 2016

There’s a new Android malware in town in the form of a Trojan, and much like many that came before it, it also wants to steal your banking information and wipe out all data from your smartphone and tablet. It’s called Mazar Bot, and it has already become a talking point among researchers, who are […]

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