Understanding Pail Filling Equipment

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When manufacturing products for distribution, it is imperative to streamline the creation process in order to churn out as much product as possible. In many industries where the product is actually some form of liquid, pail filling equipment becomes one of the most important parts of the packaging process.


As the name implies, filling equipment does just that; it takes your liquid product and distributes it into containers. These machines utilize a system of scales and monitoring equipment to ensure the right amount is filled every time. Examples of containers may include pails, bottles, and drums of varying sizes and material, generally including plastic and metal. The machines are convenient, in that clean up is easy, filling is accurate, and data is readily available to ensure the right pour every time.

Industries Served

Filling machines are highly versatile in that they can accommodate liquids covering a wide range of viscosity levels, from water and vegetable oil to textured paints and adhesives.  Common products generally range in the home improvement industry, including concrete and driveway sealant, various roof coatings and paint types, and liquid fertilizers and wood stains. Even the food industry utilizes this machinery for a variety of juices, cooking oils, and liquid vanilla.

Choosing the Right Machine

While it is important to choose the right machine for your product, equally important is ensuring you are receiving support as you incorporate this technology into your business. It is imperative to work with specialists who can teach the nuances of setting up and fine-tuning your machine. As all machinery inevitably needs maintenance and repairs, be sure to have a plan in place to receive regular checkups, maintenance, and repair work on your filling machine.

Any assembly line-type of business can only be as good as the equipment building and packaging the product. Ensure you fully understand your business needs and the benefits you will receive when making a decision on the filling machine that is right for you.