The future of windows based phones

According to the global surveys conducted on smartphone users, 80% users are android based users  17% are ios users and the remaining goes to windows, blackberry and other operating systems. We clearly love android phones more than anything else and its not just because of the cheap price, along with the pocket friendly price we also get features that Apple & windows do not offer. Android is being considered the most user-friendly operating system with ease of access for all sorts of age groups. While Apple is considered to be the foremost and dream choice for mobile phone users, but the less percentage is because of the high end price.

Windows based phones are slowly loosing their market and ios is taking most of their customers. Because of its lack of compatibility with other apps and being a different platform altogether, new app developers are not focusing much on windows and thus its adding to the descent of windows phone.


Currently running windows phones in the market

Microsoft and Nokia has many windows phone running in the market but they don’t seem to get much of a attention now. Although other companies like HTC are supporting the windows concept and have a few phone in the market along with 1-2 to be launched this year itself.

The currently running windows based smartphones are nothing as such out of the box, they offer they same features as android phones at the same price. That’s where windows is lacking, low number of apps but same price for smartphones. A main thing would be Microsoft offering help to other app development companies or somehow managing to provide the equal number of apps as that of android.


The future of Windows phone

Though you might bot agree to this thought but smartphones based on windows os have a good bright future according to us, as many future leaders say, always follow a three-four years rule. The windows 10 which was rolled out a year before is expected to work in favor of Microsoft and will manage to improve the market of windows phone as experts say. The concept works as device can be made a 2 in 1 platform. A mobile that can be used as a mini pc too, most of us would like that idea to be a pretty handy one. Go for Paytm mobile coupons and save good cash.

Microsoft has worked up a lot in launching the windows 10, the currently present phones in the market have also been upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8.1. Though these phones might not attract you right now but they are sure to make a bright future for windows lovers. If you want to buy a windows phone you can turn towards online shopping sites and avail some discounts there. Many coupon sites are present on the internet that will help you with promo codes for shopclues you can use these to cut down the cash.

What a personal thought is, windows phone are still not dead and we are sure they will make good comeback in the future.