Firefox 2.0 for iOS Brings 3D Touch Support, New Password Manager, and More

Firefox 2.0 for iOS Brings 3D Touch Support, New Password Manager, and More

Mozilla has updated its Firefox Web browser for the iOS platform. Bumping up the version number to 2.0, the company says that Firefox for iOS now supports Apple’s 3D Touch feature while also getting other new features including an improved password manager.

The Firefox 2.0 for iOS update has enabled 3D Touch on the Web browser. 3D Touch as you may recall is a feature that was introduced by Apple with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. It enables the handsets to gauge different pressure levels and perform a range of actions. Pressing hard on the Firefox icon, Mozilla says, will give users quick access to open the last bookmark, open a new private tab, and open a new tab, the company said.

In addition, Firefox 2.0 for iOS also supports Peek and Pop features, both of which leverage on Apple’s 3D Touch display. Firefox allows users to quickly preview a tab and add things to reading list, copy URLs, and perform some other actions.

Additionally, opened tabs now also show up in Spotlight Search results on the home screen. You can also search for text in a Web page with “Find in Page” feature. You can do so by long-pressing on a text item or from the Share menu.

Users will find changes to the password manager in Firefox 2.0 for iOS useful too. The app now allows you to edit the saved logins and do other manipulations. According to the changelog provided by the company, users can now search, view and edit local or entries saved in Firefox account filtered from the ‘Logins’ setting option.

To recall, Firefox was released to iOS platform in September last year. The company has been since actively feeding updates to the Web browser to keep it competitive against other popular Web browsers.

The Original Rayman Heads to the App Store

The Original Rayman Heads to the App Store

The original Rayman, a side-scrolling platformer that first hit the Atari Jaguar back in 1995, will be re-released for iOS devices on Thursday, Ubisoft Montpellier has announced.

In a tweet published on the game’s Twitter account, the developer added that “the original Rayman is back!” with an animated gif image showcasing the disc cover the game released with twenty years ago. Rayman’s retro take was first teased last week.

At the time of writing, there was no listing on the Apple App Store so there’s no saying what kind of controls it will have or how it has been adapted for touchscreens. This isn’t the first Rayman game on mobile; earlier ones such as Rayman Jungle Run and Rayman Fiesta Run have taken the endless running approach to the franchise, à la Subway Surfers.

The 1995 Rayman made for the Atari Jaguar was meant to be played with a gamepad, as was the case with future versions on PlayStation, Sega Saturn, MS-DOS, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and DSiWare over the years. At launch, the game was lauded for its animated 2D graphics and soundtrack.

It sold more than 900,000 copies in the first two years, and remains the top-selling game for the original PlayStation in the United Kingdom. The game was known for being tough to crack when played on the high difficulty level, and it remains to be seen how it translates on the iPhone. No details have been provided by the developer prior to release on Thursday.

Skype Group Video Calling Starts Rolling Out to Android and iOS

Skype Group Video Calling Starts Rolling Out to Android and iOS

Skype last month introduced the group video calling feature for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile. The firm at that time said the feature will roll out to users over the coming weeks. The company on Thursday finally started rolling out group video calling on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The company adds that the feature is limited to Western Europe and North America region for now but will soon be rolled out in other regions as well. It plans to make group video calling feature fully available worldwide by next month. It is worth mentioning that Skype already supported group video calls but only for those who opted for Skype for Business. The feature is now available to non-subscribers too.

Users will now be able to make Skype full-screen immersive video calls in HD quality and optimised for the devices callers are using. The person calling is displayed front and centre. The feature also makes use of the company’s native SILK Super Wide Band audio codec for ‘crystal clear’ voice. “To achieve this, we’re proud to have worked with one of Microsoft’s biggest partners, Intel, which helped enable us to optimize SILK Audio specifically for Azure running on Intel processors,” said Microsoft.

In addition, users can switch between a grid view or a switch to focus view where Skype automatically focuses on the active speaker, or lets callers choose which participant to ‘Pin’ to the stage. Users can also call others to join Skype simply via a link via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, or Facebook.

Telegram Update Brings Improved Voice Messages, Secret Chats, and More

Telegram Update Brings Improved Voice Messages, Secret Chats, and More

Telegram, a popular instant messenger, has started rolling out an update to its Android and iOS apps. The update adds several new features along with some improvements and tweaks.

The update on Android (v3.5.1) and iOS (v3.5) brings Voice Messages v2.0, which now has a new interface with waveform visualisations. It also has a new player, enabling users to listen to long voice messages and switch to other media or chats at the same time.

The update makes it easier for Telegram users to record and listen voice messages with raise-to-speak and raise-to-listen functionality. This means that now when a chat window is open, users can simply pick up their handsets and bring it close to their ear (as if taking a phone call), and hear the new voice messages or record a new one after the signal. “This feature involves plenty of behind-the-scene magic with proximity sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers. It works well with most modern devices, but is still experimental. Some phones may require arcane intervention from our devs,” adds the company blog post.

Furthermore, time-bound Secret Chats feature has also been updated. The Secret Chats 3.0 now includes detailed link previews, reply option to a specific message in group chat, adding photo and video captions, sticker sharing, inline bots, and gif image support. “We’ve also improved key visualisations to make secret chats immune to potential alien invasions.”

In addition, a bunch of updates have been added in different sections inside Telegram. Users can now decide who can add them to groups and channels with granular precision. Supergroup creators can now change admins who can add new members in a group. A Supergroup can include up to 1000 members. New animations have been added to attachments and the ‘Image Search’ option now sits in the ‘Photo or Video’ section.

For iOS devices, users can now share any photo, video, audio, document or location to any Telegram chat or channel directly from default apps like Contacts, Maps, Voice Memos and Photos. They get the ability to share content to multiple chats or channels at once. iPad users with external keyboards get hotkey support as well. For Android, the updated Telegram app introduces additional photo-editing tools – rotate, fade, tint and curves. “We’re not done with updates this month – more features and good news are coming very soon to a Telegram Messenger near you,” says the blog post.

The updated app is already available to download from Google Play and App Store.

Instagram Finally Adds 2-Factor Authentication

Instagram Finally Adds 2-Factor Authentication

Facebook-owned Instagram has begun rolling out two-factor authentication (aka two-factor verification) feature for users. The process will prevent hackers to log in to a user’s account even if they have the ID and password. The feature is not visible in Android or iOS apps in India for now.

The two-factor authentication confirmed by Instagram to TechCrunch, will work just like it does for any other app. The optional feature will send a one time password (OTP) to a registered handset number when users are trying to log in with their email and password.

Although the company has added an extra layer of security for its users, it still has to roll out a fix for the privacy notification bug Instagram for Android users have been facing lately. The company last week began the rollout of multiple account support, which now said to face a major bug, one that lets people access other user’s Instagram notifications. The bug is restricted to the Android app only for now.

If two users are for instance accessing account A and B, and account B and C respectively (account B is the shared account), the bug lets both users view notifications from each other’s personal accounts (account A and account C) as well. Instagram has confirmed the bug and is working on a fix.

The photo-sharing service in December announced that its user base in India doubled over the last year. Instagram passed the 400 million-user mark in September and had also claimed that it had over 80 million pictures shared daily.

Nintendo Ignores India, Most of the World for Miitomo App Registration

Nintendo Ignores India, Most of the World for Miitomo App Registration

Miitomo – Nintendo’s first smartphone app for Android and iOS – is out in March. In a lead up to that, Nintendo is allowing sign ups for a Nintendo Account. According to the company’s support page, you’ll need a Nintendo Account to pre-register for Miitomo and use the application. It will also be used for the company’s My Nintendo service – a rewards program that launches in March.

Pre-registration allows fans to know when Miitomo is available and Nintendo will allow those with Nintendo Accounts to earn My Nintendo Platinum Points that can be redeemed for rewards. What exactly these will be is yet to be ascertained.

Like most current day services, a Nintendo Account can be linked to other accounts, such as your Nintendo Network ID (if you have one from using a Wii U or 3DS), Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account. You can then use those accounts’ user name and password to sign in to your Nintendo Account. If you don’t want to use or don’t have one of the accounts listed above, you can still create a Nintendo Account using your e-mail address.

Now before you hurry over to create your account keep in mind that there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to unless you use a VPN. We tried accessing the pre-registration page and were met with the following error:


On checking the Miitomo availability section it seems that Nintendo doesn’t deem important mobile markets like China or India – the world’s largest and second largest smartphone markets, fit for its debut app. Countries with “planned availability” include United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. It’s worth noting that Nintendo states that “additional countries may be added.”

Armed with a VPN we tried a second time and were able to create an account. However, keep in mind that unlike Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Sony, Nintendo has been, in the past, hellbent on locking its services within geographical boundaries. It still is the only console maker to practice region-locking – wherein games for specific territories would only work on consoles for that region. For example: a copy of Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U bought in the US, will only work on a console purchased in North America or one with NTSC U/C markings.

We won’t be surprised if its draconian policies extend to the digital realm as well. We’re already seeing it with paying customers trying to link existing Nintendo Network IDs to regions other than their own being met with a message stating that the country of residence cannot be changed. Safe to say, you rather wait for clarity on this before creating an account, even more so considering it will power theNintendo NX’s services.

When Nintendo announced its foray into mobile we were hopeful that it would afford the company entry into untapped markets like China and India. However this doesn’t seem to be the case. Rather, it’s simply representative of how insular the Kyoto-based firm is to ground realities, that the audience on smartphones doesn’t necessarily reside in its traditional markets.

Real Cricket 16 for Android and iOS Announced

Real Cricket 16 for Android and iOS Announced

Real Cricket 14 remains one of the better representations of the sport on Android and iOS. This comes despite competition from the likes of Disney India’s ICC Pro Cricket games and a myriad of cookie-cutter clones that clutter the App Store and Google Play.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new entry in the series. The last major update was based on the2015 Cricket World Cup, quickly followed up by an Indian Premier League based update. They also released a separate game in Real Cricket: Test Match in July last year. We noticed that the game’s Facebook page has announced the impending arrival of Real Cricket 16 complete with a new cover and profile picture.

That’s not all, it seems that developer Nautilus Mobile’s approach to the sequels might be different.

“Cricket season is coming…. And so is something else. Guess what’s coming in the form of a massive update soon!” teased a post on the game’s Facebook page.

The implications are interesting. Rather than forcing you to download a complete new game and lose out on all your earned progress, it appears you’ll carry over what you’ve earned in Real Cricket 14. It’s something Nautilus Mobile CEO Anuj Mankar confirmed to Gadgets 360. If this works out as it should, it has interesting ramifications for local game development practices.

Most Indian developers prefer releasing a new game rather than use an existing framework to build upon. From a game design and development standpoint it possibly means that when Real Cricket 14 was in production, its roadmap was far more future-proof than what we imagined.

We’ll be speaking to Mankar at length in the coming days to know more about Real Cricket 16 in terms of what to expect, gameplay updates, and a whole lot more. Anuj has also confirmed that the release date will be announced via our website soon. Needless to say, if you’re a long-time player of Real Cricket 14 or an avid mobile cricket game fan, you have more than enough of a reason to be happy.

Apple Acknowledges iOS 1970 Date Bug, Says Fix Is on the Way

Apple Acknowledges iOS 1970 Date Bug, Says Fix Is on the Way

Apple has acknowledged a bug in its iOS mobile operating system that is rendering many iPhone handsets, and other iOS devices useless. The bug triggers when a user changes the date on the iPhone, or iPad, or iPod to May 1970 or earlier. The Cupertino-based company assures users that it is working on a fix.

Users reported last week that changing the system date on their iPhone, or iPad, or sixth-generation iPod touch to January 1, 1970 was restarting the device and forcing it to onto a never-ending bootloop. Once affected, there is little to nothing a user could do to fix the device.

Addressing the issue, Apple wrote on its support website that changing the date on your iOS device to May, 1970 or earlier will brick it. The iPhone maker assures that an upcoming software update to iOS will resolve the issue.

As we noted earlier, the issue affects every iOS-powered device that has a 64-bit SoC – which means that A7, A8, A8X, A9, and A9X SoC models are impacted. Which in other words mean, the iPhone 5s,iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 6s, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air,iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPod touch sixth-generation are affected.

It isn’t clear exactly what is the triggering the bug, but a leading theory (video below) on the Interweb says the glitch revolves around “integer underflow caused by the Unix epoch,” in which a user forces the time to a near 0 value (because an iPhone allows January 01, 1970 as the first accepted date, it considers it as the starting point), which causes every app or process that requires timestamp verification to fail.

If you’ve accidentally already bricked your iOS device, the best thing for you to do is to take it to an authorised Apple support store.

Line Shuts Down MixRadio; Launches Foodie Photography App

Line Shuts Down MixRadio; Launches Foodie Photography App

Line Corporation, better known for its messaging app Line, on Tuesday made couple of major announcements. The company said it would be shuttering its MixRadio music streaming service in the “coming weeks” and also launched a new app for Android and iOS dubbed as Foodie – Food Photography.

The company in a blog post on Tuesday said that it carefully assessed MixRadio’s overall performance, the financial challenges posed by the music streaming market, and priorities of the company before taking the decision to shut down the music streaming service.

On the other hand, the company will keep its Line Music service alive that is restricted to Japan and Thailand for now. Line Music service for Android and iOS was launched in May last year right before Apple Music saw the light of the day in June.

Line acquired MixRadio service from Microsoft in December 2014.


The firm on Tuesday also launched its Foodie – Food Photography app for Android and iOS. As the name suggests, the new camera app aims to let users take better shots of the food.

Foodie is just like any other camera app. It straight away fires-up the camera and gives options to switch the handset flash on/off, choose the image aspect ratio between 1:1 and 3:4, and to switch on/off the blur effect. Option to increase or decrease the image brightness from -2.0 to +2.0 is also included. The app also features 24 image filters, which can be applied both before or after taking the shot.

In the ‘Best Angle’ feature, once the camera is aligned right on top of the food, the black shutter button on the white coloured bar starts showing “Top” written inside it while the bar colour changes to Yellow. “Since the app’s “best angle” feature lets the user know through vibration and colour when the camera is positioned horizontally above the subject, it’s a snap to take trendy flat lays like you’d see in a gourmet magazine.” Users can not only edit the images shot via Foodie app but others as well. Sharing the images to social networks is also possible.

It is worth mentioning that the app puts a small app icon watermark in the images shot via the app. However, it is possible to switch it off by going in to the app settings. The function is switched on by default.

The Foodie – Food Photography app by Line weighs 8.9MB for Android and runs on OS version 4.0.3 and later. For iOS, the app weighs 10.5MB and runs on OS version 8.0 and later. It is available to download from Google Play and App Store.