6 TRICKS for Using Tribulus Terrestris Optimum Effectively

Individuals who spend lot of time in gym with desire to reach some goals definitely need supplements. Rather going for supplements which come with lot of risks, one can rely on herbal supplements or natural supplements. Tribulus Terrestris optimum is one among these herbal supplements. This is made of an herb called tribulus terrestris which is very popular in the world of bodybuilding.

There are varieties of supplements available today which are meant mainly for boosting strength and muscle mass. Many even choose hormone replacement therapies which has its own tradition. These can be done only through prescription. If there is no right care and if individual takes improper dosages then these can result in severe side effects.

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The herb tribulus terrestris is found in Southeast Asia, India, Europe, South Africa, and Australia since it needs warmer climates. It is a flowering plant with effects of Optimum Nutrition. This herb helps in boosting strength and promoting muscle mass. This is also very effective in boosting testosterone levels in men. Like most other supplements there are very less studies which have done to prove this. Even though it is a natural herb, when taking the supplement one should consult doctor since very less information is available on its efficiency.

85-250 mg is the standard dose of recommended for triculus terrestris which should be taken thrice a day along with the food. But one should also look into the label instructions on the dose which the manufacture suggests.

Side effects:

Even when it comes to side effects of tribulus terrestris there is very little information. So it is difficult to list the common side effects of the supplement. When taking the supplement if there is any changes that an individual experiences then it are better to consult the physician. People who are suffering from hormone related conditions like prostate cancer, breast cancer, and breast cancer should avoid taking this supplement. If an individual is taking any other medication should avoid this supplement because there is chance that tribulus terrestris may affect on the reactions of that medication. People who are suffering from blood pressure issues, heart conditions and taking medicines for the same then they should avoid this supplement. If an individual is already taking beta blockers and diuretics then they should not take tribulus terrestris.

Tribulus 625:

After doing enough research and along with doctors suggestion if one decides to take this supplement then one more thing to keep in mind is that they should follow the instructions written on the label of the product.

Tribulus terrestris supplements are generally available in 625 mg capsules. It is better to choose the product which contains 40% furastanol saponins. This helps the product in providing boosting ingredients which results in touted enhancements.

Dosage recommended is one or two capsules every day. These can be taken with meals. Consult a licensed nutritionist and take the capsules under his guidance. Discuss and understand the ingredients present in the capsule to avoid allergic reactions and possible side effects.

Even though it is said that tribulus optimum supplement is the best, sometimes it comes with ingredients like gelatin and silica. Many supplements also come with plant extracts and flavonoids as well.

Right doses of astaxanthin works magically on human body

Though astaxanthin is not so popular till today, researchers know its immense benefit for human. It is a marvelous antioxidant and very effective in many fields of medicine and surgery including treatment for muscle pain and arthritis.  It is also a beneficial alimentary supplement for achieving beautiful skin, and good eyesight. Astaxanthin is regularly used by athletes as a food supplement to generate more energy and reduce lactic acid buildup that reduces stamina. The multifarious benefits of this powerful supplement is unquestionable, the current concern of researchers and experts in this field is how much astaxanthin you should use on a regular basis for getting maximum benefits out of this naturally available antioxidant.

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What is astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a naturally available pigment belongs to xanthophylls family, which is again a subcategory of the carotenoid family. Carotenoids are phytochemicals or plant chemicals mainly produced by plants, but some animals also produce carotenoids. The main function of carotenoids in plant bodies is to protect the plants from harmful effects of the sun.

Sources of astaxanthin for human consumption

Salmon is the most potent source of astaxanthin since it regularly eats organisms that are full of this antioxidant. Astaxanthin is abundantly produced by microalgae that grow mainly under water. One kilogram of salmon may contain something between 4-40mg of astaxanthin. However, the most authentic source of astaxanthin is Haematococcuspluvialis, a microalga which is found underwater. Although, this source of astaxanthin is not commonly available to human beings.A yeast, Phaffiarhodozyma, also generates large quantities of astaxanthin and it is mostly used to create supplements in forms of capsules which are available in the market.

Benefits of astaxanthin

Astaxanthinis considered as a classy antioxidant because this is the only naturally available antioxidant known to the researchers and experts to have the capacity to nullify different types of free radicals. This is indeed a rare quality among antioxidants.

Some other mentionable benefits of astaxanthin are as follows –

  • Guards the body against inflammation – It is a great anti-inflammatory agent. It is a clinically proven safe alternative to traditional anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Remedy for joint pain – Astaxanthin has been proven to be an effective remedy for any kind of joint pain, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, arthritis, and joint soreness etc.
  • Great ingredient for beautiful skin – Astaxanthin improves skin quality to a great extent. There is ample evidence available that proves that astaxanthin protects the skin from bad effects of UV rays. It also guards the skin from many aging symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Good for eye – Researchers have also found its huge potential to keep the human eye in good health. It protects the eye from cataracts, glaucoma, myopia etc.
  • Other benefits – Astaxanthin has many other benefits for the human body like the following ones –

Ø Enhances immune system

Ø Prevent heart diseases

Ø Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Ø Controls blood pressure and blood sugar

Ø Cures prostate problems

Ø Prevents different kinds of dental problems

Ø Improves male fertility

Right doses of astaxanthin

Now the question is how much astaxanthin you should use?  Actually, doses vary depending on the purpose for which you are intending to consume astaxanthin. If you are aiming to flush out toxic metals from your body, then 4-8mg each day is sufficient for that purpose. For specific purposes like to improve eyesight, increase fertility or enhance performance in sports etc., different doses are advised by the experts but that don’t go beyond 40mg.

Knowing where to find drugs for your body needs

Body is one thing that none would compromise with ever. This is the right approach and to give your body the perfect shape it gets imperative to take some good supplements. These are the medications that have been tested for a long time and are supposed to provide the desired result to the users. Just in case there are any numbers of unconfirmed drugs then you better avoid them and go for the best ones only. This way you will be offered the most sophisticated medication for your body needs from the one place where people expect to get the right products.

Man lifting weights at gym
Man lifting weights at gym

Getting your drug

First you should have a good trainer or physician to guide you about the supplements. There is a need to understand about the various qualities that can enhance your features. Make sure that you have decided what needs to be bought after thorough discussion with your trainer. Once it is established which medicine to opt for, all you need is to show the intent to buy the exact drug. Knowing about where to get anabolic-androgenic steroids would be a real asset for everyone wishing for well chiseled body. Making your body to look enviable is something that many wish for years but eventually fail to get. But with the present day supplements even the toughest of fat can be reduced from the body within days. All that the person would be left with is shaped figure with lot of strength to lift weight and get the desired results. More often than not people receives better than what they would have thought before using any product.

Using steroids is not very easy as you will have to be very meticulous about consuming the right stuff regularly. Acquiring the authentic material is also an issue that needs to be looked into while purchasing online. No one wants to mess up by buying the medication which is substandard. Drugs developed in the United States and Canada is the best ones and be sure you are buying from online stores that offer sources from these countries Get anabolic-androgenic steroids that can change your fortunes for sure. With time you will see the difference in your physical appearance and then thank your trainer for the same. There are side effects which can have risk but by using proper drug in right cycles you can achieve just the positives rather than any negative.

Body builder’s ultimate weapon

The supplements have become the ultimate tool with the help of which they conquer the world of physical prowess. Anyone who is willing to put in the efforts will see the desired outcome without much delay. There are many various drugs that can provide the user different benefits with respect to body related functions like reducing fat and providing tremendous strength to train. Once you are working hard for your body then no result is much further and in time you would become the man everyone look up to with respect to body shape.

OnePlus three digicam Samples launched; smartphone Leaked in severa snap shots

There’s little left to the imagination with regards to the OnePlus 3. The cellphone has been subjected to numerous leaks in advance of its June 14 unveil, and now, we get treated with camera samples, and a few leaked pricing information.

OnePlus 3 Camera Samples Released; Smartphone Leaked in Numerous Images

After releasing digicam samples some days ago, OnePlus has released greater photographs to show what the OnePlus 3 digital camera can do. The four snap shots are stunning; shooting motion, depth of field, and colours adeptly.

There may be one photograph of a small bridge by means of the sea, highlighting the camera’s focusing skills. some other photo of a firecracker shows how movement is captured properly, even in low light situations. the other pictures also boast of high-quality coloration and clarity. again, these pix may additionally were taken after an awful lot detail and deliberation, and a newbie might not be able to produce such consequences.

Of route, we can reserve our very last judgement about the OnePlus 3’s digicam for when we assessment the device.

Inside the meanwhile, chinese tipster Reviewer has additionally unveiled the feasible pricing of the phone (thru Mobipicker), alongside numerous pictures of the smartphone from all angles, leaving nothing to the imagination. even as the OnePlus 3 is stated to come in numerous bundles, the tipster claims that the base variation will be priced at CNY 1,999 (roughly Rs. 20,three hundred). If that is proper, its pretty an attractive presenting, considering the rumoured specs.

The organisation in the in the meantime has also released the kernel and tool tree of OxygenOS to the community for further development.

For all people who do not already realize, OnePlus is hosting the release occasion on a VR area station. The phone may be sold invite-free soon after release. The OnePlus 3 is predicted to include a five.5-inch show, Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB or 6GB RAM alternatives, sixteen-megapixel rear camera, and an eight-megapixel front lens.

Overwatch’s competitive mode may be again this month (up to date)

Replace: blizzard corrected itself this morning, announcing that competitive mode may be coming later this month, not July.

formerly, tweets from the legit Overwatch account (spotted via Eurogamer) screen that aggressive mode has slipped into mid-to-late July.


Authentic: The decision to cut competitive play from the Overwatch open beta, and the whole launch of the game, turned into approximately as closing-minute because it gets. but it sounds like it won’t be gone for lengthy: sport Director Jeff Kaplan said in a Q&A video posted nowadays on fb that he hopes to have to have the mode again next month.

“competitive mode is the modern awareness of the Overwatch crew, and it is the most improtant issue for us to feature to the game right now,” Kaplan says inside the video, beginning at around the 9:00 mark.

“Our first massive content update for Overwatch will be competitive mode. I don’t want to vow an genuine date, because i’m certain something date I say right now might be incorrect,” he maintains. “My difficult dedication, or ‘no longer-commitment,’ could be someday in the direction of the give up of June—center to quit of June. We need to have competitive mode in. We have already got it in internally, in reality we have been gambling it this weekend and we are starting to get a feel for it.”

Kaplan stated changes to aggressive mode will encompass lengthened seasons, so that it will likely run for round three months instead of the one month in the beginning deliberate, and a reduction inside the frequency of unexpected dying. more records will be discovered as competitive mode comes closer to re-release; Overwatch, bear in mind, may be live world-extensive simply over an hour from now.

The future of windows based phones

According to the global surveys conducted on smartphone users, 80% users are android based users  17% are ios users and the remaining goes to windows, blackberry and other operating systems. We clearly love android phones more than anything else and its not just because of the cheap price, along with the pocket friendly price we also get features that Apple & windows do not offer. Android is being considered the most user-friendly operating system with ease of access for all sorts of age groups. While Apple is considered to be the foremost and dream choice for mobile phone users, but the less percentage is because of the high end price.

Windows based phones are slowly loosing their market and ios is taking most of their customers. Because of its lack of compatibility with other apps and being a different platform altogether, new app developers are not focusing much on windows and thus its adding to the descent of windows phone.


Currently running windows phones in the market

Microsoft and Nokia has many windows phone running in the market but they don’t seem to get much of a attention now. Although other companies like HTC are supporting the windows concept and have a few phone in the market along with 1-2 to be launched this year itself.

The currently running windows based smartphones are nothing as such out of the box, they offer they same features as android phones at the same price. That’s where windows is lacking, low number of apps but same price for smartphones. A main thing would be Microsoft offering help to other app development companies or somehow managing to provide the equal number of apps as that of android.


The future of Windows phone

Though you might bot agree to this thought but smartphones based on windows os have a good bright future according to us, as many future leaders say, always follow a three-four years rule. The windows 10 which was rolled out a year before is expected to work in favor of Microsoft and will manage to improve the market of windows phone as experts say. The concept works as device can be made a 2 in 1 platform. A mobile that can be used as a mini pc too, most of us would like that idea to be a pretty handy one. Go for Paytm mobile coupons and save good cash.

Microsoft has worked up a lot in launching the windows 10, the currently present phones in the market have also been upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8.1. Though these phones might not attract you right now but they are sure to make a bright future for windows lovers. If you want to buy a windows phone you can turn towards online shopping sites and avail some discounts there. Many coupon sites are present on the internet that will help you with promo codes for shopclues you can use these to cut down the cash.

What a personal thought is, windows phone are still not dead and we are sure they will make good comeback in the future.

Guide to HEVC/H.265 Encoding and Playback

For years, H.264 has been the go-to video compression standard. Whenever you download a film or TV show, watch a Blu-ray, view HDTV broadcasts, or stream something from various sites and services, there’s a very good chance the video stream you’re watching has been encoded with H.264.

H.264 is a great compression standard for a number of reasons. It provides very good quality at relatively low bitrates, and its widespread use means it’s supported by essentially every video playback device made in the past five to ten years. It’s also very versatile, not only allowing compression to small file sizes, but also to high quality, high bitrate files that are suitable for use on Blu-ray discs.

While H.264 is doing a pretty good job of delivering compressed videos to users, there’s a better standard out there that offers similar quality at even smaller file sizes. The standard is called HEVC, or High Efficiency Video Codec, and it first appeared in 2013 as a true successor to H.264. For this reason, HEVC is also known as H.265, or MPEG-H Part 2.

HEVC’s main advantage over H.264 is that it offers roughly double the compression ratio for the same quality. This means that a video file encoded with HEVC can occupy half the space of its H.264 equivalent with no noticeable change in quality, or the same amount of space with improved quality. Sounds pretty good, right?

HEVC is able to compress files to a greater extent than before by evolving upon the H.264 standard. In both of these standards, motion compensated prediction is used to find areas that are redundant within a single frame or in the frames that follow. When redundant blocks of pixels are identified, they are encoded by referencing another area in the same or following frames. In H.264, these blocks can be up to 16×16 pixels in size, but big gains in compression were made by increasing this to 64×64 in HEVC.

Other improvements also help HEVC achieve greater levels of compression, including better variable-block-size segmentation, improved deblocking and motion compensation filters, sample adaptive offset filtering, and better motion vector prediction and precision. This page here from the x265 group has a great explanation of these terms and how it can improve HEVC’s efficiency.

As HEVC is relatively new to the scene, it’s not nearly as compatible with existing playback devices as H.264. Many such devices have dedicated hardware for decoding H.264 streams, while equivalent hardware for decoding HEVC is significantly less common. That’s not to say it’s impossible to decode HEVC on today’s devices – software playback is still possible on a wide variety of hardware, and some hardware decoding solutions exist – but something that can play H.264 is not necessarily HEVC-compatible.

Here’s a quick rundown of well-known hardware that includes dedicated HEVC decoding blocks, which definitely support efficient HEVC playback:

  • Intel 6th-generation ‘Skylake’ Core processors or newer
  • AMD 6th-generation ‘Carizzo’ APUs or newer
  • AMD ‘Fiji’ GPUs (Radeon R9 Fury/Fury X/Nano) or newer
  • Nvidia GM206 GPUs (GeForce GTX 960/950) or newer
  • Other Nvidia GeForce GTX 900 series GPUs have partial HEVC hardware decoding support
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805/615/410/208 SoCs or newer. Support ranges from 720p decoding on low-end parts to 4K playback on high-end parts.
  • Nvidia Tegra X1 SoCs or newer
  • Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 5430 SoCs or newer
  • Apple A8 SoCs or newer
  • Some MediaTek SoCs from mid-2014 onwards

As you can see, most desktop hardware released in 2015, and most mobile hardware from late 2014 onwards, supports dedicated HEVC playback. Hardware designers have been more focused on getting HEVC decoding blocks into mobile hardware first, as the CPUs in these products typically aren’t fast enough for software decoding. Support in desktop hardware has been marginally slower as most desktop-class parts are powerful enough to decode HEVC without dedicated decoding blocks.

If you have a computer or device that doesn’t include the aforementioned hardware, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to decode HEVC. PCs, even those with entry-level CPUs from several years ago, shouldn’t have much trouble software decoding HEVC videos. One of my HTPCs equipped with a $50 Intel Celeron ‘Ivy Bridge’ CPU from 2012 is more than capable of decoding HEVC, and I’ve even achieved smooth playback on Intel Bay Trail and Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 devices in some circumstances (albeit at high CPU utilization).

As a general rule of thumb, if you have an older PC you’d describe as “very slow” it probably won’t be capable of HEVC playback. Anything else will probably suffice.

Where you won’t find HEVC playback support is in many dedicated media players on the market today. These products either don’t support HEVC hardware decoding, have too low power SoCs to support smooth software playback, or only support a small handful of popular video formats without the ability to run wide format playback software like VLC.

Here’s a quick rundown of popular media playing devices that don’t support HEVC:

  • Google’s Chromecast (first and second generations)
  • Apple TV (although some reports suggest 1080p HEVC playback is possible by running VLC on a 4th-gen model)
  • Roku (third-gen models and earlier)
  • Amazon Fire TV (2014) and Fire TV Stick
  • Any Western Digital WD TV products
  • All PlayStation consoles
  • Xbox 360

And here are the media players that do support HEVC:

  • Roku 4
  • Amazon Fire TV (2015)
  • Xbox One

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but you can clearly see that there’s just a handful of very recent devices that support native HEVC playback. The Xbox One is the only console to support playback, although support for HEVC was added through a software update, presumably utilizing software decoding.

So while the benefits of HEVC encoding are clear, playback is essentially restricted to PCs, high-end smartphones and tablets, and a very small range of media players and consoles. At this point in time, compatibility is a disadvantage to encoding your media library in HEVC.

As for software that can playback HEVC-encoded files, there are many options out there. On Windows 10, you can natively play HEVC videos in the default Films & TV app or through Windows Media Player. Alternatively, you can use VLC or MPC-HC for playback, which support older operating systems, or popular media center apps like XBMC/Kodi (version 14 onwards) and Plex Media Player (not Home Theater).

If you’re running Mac OS X or iOS, VLC is your best bet. On Android devices, you’ll be able to play back HEVC files using MX Player through software decoding if your device is fast enough, or if it (and the version of Android) supports native HEVC playback. Note that some devices have HEVC decoding blocks in their SoCs but don’t support native playback at this time.

Caterpillar unveils the world’s first smartphone with an integrated thermal imaging camera

thermal imaging, caterpillar, s60, thermal imaging camera, thermal imaging smartphone, ruggedized smartphones

Ruggedized smartphones are usually considered fairly niche products that are aimed at those in industries such as construction or law enforcement, or any profession where the device is likely to take a hammering on a daily basis. Because of this, they don’t have the performance of many flagship smartphones, but they often come with unique features of their own. One example is the new Caterpillar S60, which sports a built-inFlir thermal imaging camera.

Flir, which is one of the largest thermal imaging companies in the world, has integrated its Lepton sensor used in its thermal cameras into the body of the device, alongside a regular 13MP rear camera.

The sensor is able to produce live images, measure surface temperatures, and can record both stills and video, although its resolution is limited to VGA (640 X 480). Cat suggests it could be used during search and rescue missions where people may be obscured by smoke, or for law enforcement to check tire temperatures.

The S60 comes with Android Marshmallow and features a Snapdragon 617 processor. In addition to the 13MP rear camera, it also has a 5MP front-facing version, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of expandable storage, a 720p 4.7-inch display (with a peak brightness of over 500 nits) and a powerful 3800mAh battery.

Closing off the device’s microphone and earpiece openings make it waterproof down to just over 16 feet, where it can operate for up to an hour. This gives it the title of the world’s most waterproof smartphone. Moreover, it can be used with both wet and gloved hands, and comes with a strengthened die cast steel frame that is designed to exceed the military’s 810G drop test specifications.

Thanks to its reinforced body and 1mm thick Gorilla Glass 4 display, the S60 can be dropped onto concrete from over five-and-a-half feet and still be okay to use.

The Cat S60 will be priced around $600 when it launches at the end of May.

Activision confirms a “new, innovative” Call of Duty from Infinity Ward will arrive in 2016

activision, call of duty, treyarch, infinity ward, sledgehammer games, activision blizzard, call of duty ghosts, earnings report, call of duty 2016

Activision Blizzard released its quarterly financial report last week, and it didn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that Infinity Ward will launch a new Call of Duty game this holiday season. Activision did say, however, that this will be a new “ innovative” entry into the long-running franchise – not a word usually associated with Call of Duty.

There’s been a Call of Duty game released every year since Call of Duty 2 in 2005. The development of the titles was split between Infinity Ward and Treyarch on an alternating yearly basis but the franchise moved from a two-year to a three-year development cycle in 2014, with Sledgehammer Games joining the other two studios as a lead developer.

It will be Infinity Ward’s first Call of Duty game since 2013’s CoD: Ghosts, which was the first game in the series to appear on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The developer knows it has a lot to live up to – last year’s entry, Black Ops 3 from Treyarch, was thebest selling game of 2015.

We don’t know what the upcoming game will be about; it could be a new Ghosts or Modern Warfare, but Infinity Ward did post a tweet mentioning “reaching new heights” last month that included a picture of an astronaut. Could this hint that the game will be set in space (like the brief section that appeared in Ghosts)? It could explain why Activision is using the term “innovative.”

Activision reported that its quarterly and yearly sales were down last year. The company’s adjusted revenue for the quarter was $2.12 billion, down from $2.21 billion from the same period a year earlier and below its forecast of $2.15 billion. Total revenue for the year was $4.62 billion, compared to the $4.81 billion it made across all of 2014.

The company said that two of its expected big-earners, Skylanders Superchargers and Guitar Hero Live, performed weaker than it anticipated. Activision blamed this on greater competition in the toys-to-life genre and the “casual audience’s shift to mobile devices.”

LG G5 Design Tipped in Renders; Magic Slot and More Detailed in New Leaks

LG G5 Design Tipped in Renders; Magic Slot and More Detailed in New Leaks

LG’s upcoming G5 flagship will be unveiled on Sunday at an event in Barcelona and the company has already confirmed it will showcase a galore of devices at the launch. While confirming the launch event, LG Mobile on its Facebook page said, “Come meet the new friends on the playground. LG G5 Day.”

Now just a day before the launch, new details about the LG G5 smartphone’s various features including ‘Magic Slot’ apart from other devices such as a 360-degree camera have surfaced. The smartphone was also leaked in two press renders, where it is visible from both front and back.

Evan Blass of Venture Beat in a report has claimed that the LG G5 will not be the only “piece of hardware on stage” as the company will showcase plug-in modules and customised accessories for the handset. This also means that the LG G5 may be the South Korean company’s first attempt at modular handset.

According to Blass, the modules will be dubbed “G5 and Friends,” and will be available as hardware components as both attached and independent. The company is also expected to introduce a new app which will be able to control the modules known as the LG Friends Manager. It adds that LG plans to just showcase two modules which will compatible with the slot – a battery grip for photography and digital audio chip (DAC) for sound.


Blass also posted a leaked press render image (seen above) of the LG G5 on Twitter showing the front of the handset with “Always On” display. The tipster had previously shared another leaked image (seen on top) on Twitter that he deleted shortly after some backlash on the social network, but not before it was picked up by other sites. Both images show the the front and back of the smartphone, including a rear camera setup, and the presence of a round fingerprint sensor that’s placed on the rear – very similar to the Google Nexus 5X, also made by LG.

While it is not immediately evident, the bottom of the G5 appears to be detachable, and replaceable with new modules. This fact is further emphasised with the bottom part of the handset seen attached to a removable battery in a new leaked image. The leaked image (shared both on Weibo and by French mobile site Nowhereelse) is presumably of the retail box (seen below) of the LG G5 handset, alongside a tagline that said, “Life’s good when you play more.” The image also re-confirms the presence of Magic Slot, which is widely expected to be the bottom part of the handset.


Android Authority has posted separately posted a leaked image (seen below) claimed to show the LG Cam Plus which is said to serve multiple functions such as working like a shutter release, zoom and flash toggle through the hardware buttons. Additionally, the LG Cam Plus is said to pack an 1100mAh battery which will also complement the LG G5’s removable battery. The second module is said to be the DAC which has been developed in partnership with Bang & Olufsen Play (B&O Play). Notably, the company had recently confirmed that it teamed up with B&O Play to deliver “enhanced high-quality audio experience” in its upcoming LG G5 flagship smartphone. This also makes the South Korean tech giant first to offer Hi-Fi audio features co-designed by B&O Play. LG has also showcased the LG G5 Quick Cover ahead of the MWC 2016, while Qualcomm has confirmed the G5 will sport the top-end Snapdragon 820 SoC on board.


For several weeks, LG has been rumoured to be working on a ‘Magic Slot’ on its latest G5 flagship and Android Authority claims that the feature will actually allow accessories or modules to be inserted into the device via bottom part. In the leaked image, the bottom part of the alleged gold-coloured LG G5 is seen featuring a bump which is said to be an inserted module. The leaked image also purportedly shows a dual-camera setup on the handset alongside the fingerprint sensor.

The South Korean is also said to debut a 360-degree camera dubbed LG 360 Cam which will be a spherical camera and will be able to capture 360-degree shots as well as videos at 16-megapixel and QHD resolutions, respectively. Also expected to be showcased at the MWC event is the company’s LG 360 VR. Blass says that the VR headset from the company will feature nine-axis sensors and an 83-degree lens with its own LCD display. It adds that the LG 360 VR will be lighter than the competition including the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, or the Oculus Rift. It suggests that LG’s VR headset should be compatible with YouTube’s 360-degree videos. Lastly, LG will also show a drone at the MWC 2016event. Called Rolling Bot, the drone is likely to be remotely controlled and is expected to be capable of turning on or off the smart appliances at home.