The Internet of Animals: Using tagged wildlife as a global network of environmental sensors

August 19, 2018

The final pieces are now in place for an international effort to take wildlife tracking to a new level. The International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space (ICARUS) seeks to attach tiny transmitters to creatures in unprecedented numbers, with astronauts this week installing the antenna on the International Space Station (ISS) that will collate all […]

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Mozilla Removes 23 Firefox Add-Ons For Logging Browser History And Sending to Unsecure Servers

August 17, 2018

Mozilla has deleted as many as 23 Firefox add-ons after being caught for covertly logging browser history of users. At first, an add-on called Web Security was deleted for tracking web history and sending data to servers in Germany. However, upon further inspection, multiple add-ons with different features were found to run the same code, and action against […]

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Google to Now Show More Contextual Subtopics in Search Results

August 17, 2018

The next time you are looking up for a particular city to move to, Google plans to show you the comparison between two cities, and possibly even tell you about the cost difference. Google has added a new feature to its search engine with the aim to provide you with more relevant information to give you multiple […]

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We Need an Internet Bill of Rights

August 12, 2018

The Facebook data scandal. Allegations of Russian “bots” meddling in American elections. Claims of political bias on our digital platforms. Internet-connected devices secretly tracking the most intimate moments of our lives and selling our data to unscrupulous third parties. Over 90 percent of American adults believe that consumers have lost control of how our personal information is used and […]

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Google Chrome May Soon Alert on Data-Heavy Pages, Allow Downloads Renaming

July 18, 2018

Google is quite regular with updates to its Chrome browser, bringing in a steady flow of new features. The team behind Google Chrome is now reportedly working on two new features that will enhance the way users download content, and will also give options to save data while browsing. New features like Download Home and Heavy Page Capping […]

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Google Parent ‘Graduates’ Moonshot Projects Loon, Wing

July 12, 2018

Google parent Alphabet announced Tuesday it was raising the profile of two “moonshot” projects – one for drone delivery and the other for global Internet connectivity with balloons. The announcement means that balloon project Loon and drone project Wing will be independent companies within Alphabet – and in theory could be spun off entirely in the future by the California technology giant. […]

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Instagram Stories Gets New Questions Sticker, Lets Followers Ask Questions

July 11, 2018

After the big IGTV announcement that brought along long-form portrait videos to Instagram, the social networking app has now introduced another feature to increase engagement. Called the questions sticker, it will enable followers to submit questions for you to answer. Once you post the questions sticker into one of your story, then users can just type in a […]

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Snapchat launches Bitmoji widget chat shortcuts for your home screen

March 25, 2017

Snapchat is doubling down on private messaging as Instagram and Facebook Messenger clone and steal usage from its Stories feature. Now you can instantly start chatting with your best friends on Snapchat. Instead of digging a chat thread out of Snapchat, users can select their favorite friends, create Bitmoji widgets for them with their personalized avatars […]

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Signal Private Messenger Gets Video Calling, Improved Voice Infrastructure

February 17, 2017

Last week, Open Whisper Systems was spotted testing the video calling feature in the Signal Private Messenger app’s beta version on Android. Now, the company has officially announced that the video calling feature is now available (still in beta state) with the latest update to the communication app on both Android and iOS. The company […]

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Google Play Movies Starts Rolling Out 4K UHD Resolution Option

December 8, 2016

Last month, Google was spotted testing 4K resolution option for select titles on Google Play Movies in the US. Even though the search giant was expected to announce the rollout of the feature shortly, it didn’t do it right away. Now, Google has announced that the 4K resolution option for select movies is available for […]

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