Kerala Floods: Facebook Donates Rs. 1.75 Crores for Victims

August 20, 2018

Social networking giant Facebook is donating $250,000 (nearly Rs 1.75 crore) for relief work in Kerala, which has been battered by torrential rains, floods and landslides, leaving over 300 dead amid massive destruction, the company said on Monday. Facebook will donate the money through the Community Resilience Fund for GOONJ – a Delhi-based non-profit organisation that is […]

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Facebook Ads: The Basics for Small Biz

August 19, 2018

Being the most prominent social media platform around the world, Facebook can’t be ignored when it comes to planning an advertising strategy for your small business. Two billion people around the world use this platform every month, which gives companies a large potential customer base to connect with. The benefits of creating Facebook ads is you can […]

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Ohio mom arrested after claiming near abduction in Facebook video

August 12, 2018

MARION, Ohio — An Ohio woman was arrested after officials say she posted a video on Facebook falsely claiming that one of her children was almost abducted at an area Walmart. Chelsie “Harris” Hendel, 27, of Marion was taken into custody at her home Friday afternoon on suspicion of inducing panic after going live on Facebook for a minute and a half the […]

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Facebook Aiming For Virtual Reality Dominance

July 9, 2018

Virtual reality is still in its infancy, but the companies who can capture a significant share of the market could become leaders in the next major computing market. According to SuperData Research, VR is going to grow from a $4.5 billion business in 2018 to $19.0 billion of revenue by 2021. Early movers see the opportunity […]

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Facebook to Shut Down Hello, Moves, and tbh Apps Due to Low Usage

July 8, 2018

Facebook has announced it is shutting down its fitness app Moves, Android contact app Hello, and anonymous social media app tbh. Facebook is deprecating these apps due to low usage, the company wrote in a blog post late on Monday. Launched in 2014, the fitness app Moves was curated to record the daily physical activities of users, including walking, cycling and running. […]

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Facebook Bots Label US Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech

July 6, 2018

Facebook has apologised after its content-filtering algorithms flagged the US Declaration of Independence as a hate speech. Parts of the document was flagged as “hate speech” by Facebook bots after a Liberty, Texas-based newspaper, the Liberty County Vindicator, posted on Facebook “small bites” from the Declaration in the lead up to the country’s Independence Day on […]

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Facebook Defends Hate-Post Rule in Merkel-Refugee Photo Suit

February 7, 2017

Facebook told a German court that it can’t monitor all of its customers’ posts for racist language in a dispute over whether the company has to block a photo showing chancellor Angela Merkel and a refugee that has been misused in several hate-speech postings. “There are billions of postings each day,” said Martin Munz, a […]

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Facebook Messenger for Android Gets Multiple Account Support

February 21, 2016

Facebook has redesigned its popular Messenger app so several people can use it on the same smartphone or tablet without relinquishing their privacy. The update announced Friday initially will only be available on devices running on Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Facebook didn’t set a timetable for making similar changes to its […]

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Facebook Rolls Out Suicide Prevention Tool to the UK

February 20, 2016

After a successful trial in the US and Australia, social media giant Facebook has rolled out its suicide prevention tool in Britain that allows users to notify it if a friend is in distress. Created in consultation with British charity Samaritans, the tool will allow users to report content to Facebook or reach out to […]

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Facebook Live Video Rolling Out Globally; Messenger Tipped to Get Ads

February 19, 2016

Facebook last month started rolling out its Live Video streaming feature to all iPhone users in the US region. The content sharing feature, which was previously limited to select users and celebrities, has now started rolling out to other countries as well. A separate report adds that Facebook might soon start injecting ads in to […]

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