Facebook Now Says Data Obtained Through Portal Can Be Used to Serve You Ads

October 18, 2018

Facebook has been in the news for privacy-related issues for a while now, and it’s in that backdrop that Facebook last week launched its video-chat device named Portal. The social networking giant unequivocally mentioned that it “doesn’t listen to, view, or keep the contents” of video calls made through the device that is designed to compete against the likes […]

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Facebook Messenger Voice Commands Being Tested

October 10, 2018

Facebook is testing voice commands for chat and calls in its Messenger platform. According to a report in TechCrunch on Friday, the feature could soon let you use voice to dictate and send messages, initiate voice calls and create reminders. A Facebook Messenger spokesperson confirmed that Facebook is internally testing the voice command feature. “We often experiment with new […]

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Google Deepens Partnership With Facebook on AI Tech

October 5, 2018

Deepening their partnership on development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Google is integrating Facebook’s open source Machine Learning (ML) PyTorch framework across its software and hardware tools for AI development. PyTorch is a deep learning framework designed for easy and flexible experimentation and Facebook on Tuesday announced the preview release of an updated version of the framework – PyTorch 1.0. The […]

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Facebook Marketplace Turns 2, Gets New AI Features and More

October 4, 2018

As Facebook celebrates the second anniversary of its “Marketplace”, the social media giant has introduced new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered features to help its buyers and sellers complete transactions faster. Marketplace was introduced in 2016 as a place for Facebook users to buy and sell within their local communities. It has grown to be a place where people around […]

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Facebook Stories Set to Get Ads as User Base Touches 300 Million

September 27, 2018

Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories now have more than 300 million users, the social networking company announced in post. More importantly, Facebook announced ads are coming to Stories on both its main app and Messenger. This comes about a year after ads were rolled out for Instagram Stories. The company has announced WhatsApp Status, the app’s version of Stories, will […]

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Facebook Allows Gender-Biased Job Ads on Its Platform: ACLU

September 25, 2018

Facebook is allowing job ads on its platform that exclude women, according to the American Civil liberties Union. In a complaint filed Tuesday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the ACLU lists 10 employers that it claims have placed ads on Facebook that violate federal and state discrimination laws. Changes Facebook made to its ads systems […]

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Facebook Said to Face EU Sanctions for Not Complying With Consumer Rules

September 20, 2018

Facebook may face sanctions because it has yet to comply with EU consumer rules while Airbnb has made the necessary changes in response to regulatory demands, EU sources said on Wednesday. Online platforms are under pressure in Europe because of their dominance and anti-competitive business practices, which have resulted in hefty fines handed down to some companies. Privacy […]

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Facebook Announces Hiring of Human Rights Director

September 19, 2018

Facing human rights violation allegations over the misuse of its platform by the Myanmar government to fuel atrocities against the Rohingya Muslim minority, social networking giant Facebook has announced the hiring of a human rights policy director. The social media firm’s new director would help promote peace, human freedoms and build strong communities while simultaneously crack down […]

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How Facebook AI may help to change the way we shop online in the future

September 16, 2018

Facebook has had one tough quarter: data privacy scandals, shrinking margins and a market capitalization that has been trimmed by more than $100 billion as the internet giant’s shares tumbled from a record $217 per share down to the $160 range. Facebook now needs to show investors and analysts that it can jump-start earnings growth […]

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Facebook ‘Better Prepared’ for Election Meddling, Zuckerberg Says

September 15, 2018

Facebook is better prepared to defend against efforts to manipulate the platform to influence elections and has recently thwarted foreign influence campaigns targeting several countries, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday. Zuckerberg, posting on his Facebook page, outlined a series of steps the leading social network has taken to protect against misinformation and manipulation campaigns aimed at disrupting elections. […]

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