hy Clenbuterol DOES NOT Work for Bodybuilding… By Itself

There are many ways to take Clen but the best way is to take it for 2 weeks and give a break for 2 weeks. This is done because when a break is given, your body adjusts and gets ready for the next dose. Basically, this process prevents the saturation of beta-2 receptors and it also helps Clen to maintain its effectiveness. You can also do 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off.

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Clen Cycle:

You should always start by taking low dose and slowly increase it after a close observation of any side effects. Usually, a low dose of 20mcg is advised to start with. This can be taken to maximum of 80mcg in women and up to 140mcg in men. And always decrease the dose slowly as you get closer to the end of the cycle.

Always start one drug at a time. Once your body gets used to the first drug, you can then start the other. Once this is done, you can take them together. This cycle is usually recommended for 8-10 weeks of Clen and Cytomel together. Longer usage of this cycle can be dangerous. And the longer usage of Cytomel can also suppress the natural production of this hormone in the body.

Avoid taking milk, dairy products and other items that contain iron and calcium as these minerals react with thyroid hormone and Cytomel would not be as effective.

Benefits of Clen for body building:

  • It suppresses hunger, cravings and helps to control appetite by acting on Central nervous system. There are different cycles of Clenbuterol for fitness.
  • Upon stimulating beta 2 receptors, cells begin the lipolysis process which is to free the fatty acids and release them in the bloodstream for more energy.
  • Increases physical performance
  • Increases the release of fatty acids from adipose tissues.
  • Has thermogenic effect that helps in burning more fat.
  • Bronchodilation effect is seen which helps to release more energy.

In short, Clen makes your body to burn more fat rather than muscle. Its aerobic capacity and oxygen transportation result in more energy and thus you have more muscle mass.

How can Clen be used?

Clen can be used in a variety of cycles. It gives reduced water retention and hence more muscle retention. It is highly effective while using in cutting cycle and it also gives some muscle hardening effects. Many body builders combine Clen with other drugs for faster fat burning. Clen can also be stacked with non-aromatizing steroids for a harder physique. However, Clen cannot be stacked with mass- building drugs due to its poor anabolic properties.

Why Clen does not work for bodybuilding?

You must have read that Clen builds mass. Remember that it does, but in animals. At higher levels of doses, they experience an anabolic effect as animals do not have as many beta 2 receptors as humans. Hence, it is not possible to build lean muscle mass with Clen.

Get awesome tips for conducting a proper HGH cycle

If you are thinking about purchasing any dietary steroids for maintaining your body, you must have come across the terms like testosterone cycle, HGH cycle and stacking cycles in the mouth of athletes and body builders. What are these cycles? How are you supposed to regulate them? Is it important to stick to the dosage limit or do the results are more positive when you increase the dose strengths of a particular diet pill or injection? Many professional weight lifters take resort to hormonal regulatory products which they can easily get from local health and care stores or any nutritional website like online stores. Though there are different parameters on which the buying and selling of these products depend, yet you will find a lot of consumers buy them through either legal means or illegal means. It is recommended to get a valid prescription from your doctor who is advising you to take the supplement and when this requirement is not met during the time of purchase, it is considered as an illegal transaction. This generally happens when you plan on buying dietary supplementation products from the black market under high price but without the need for any prescription.

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How is dosage of HGH cycle?

It is very important to regulate the dosage cycle for any dietary medication or steroidal product in order to get more beneficial impacts and lesser negative impacts. In order to administer one of the best growth hormone strength cycle, you should know certain factors on which the efficiency of the drug depends:

  1. The purpose or reason for which you are exercising the medication that determines your goal.
  2. Health status suggestive of any medical allergies and body composition.
  3. Genetic makeup of the individual (male or female user).
  4. Body composition (lean, slender or muscular).

If it is medically considered, then you will find that the HGH cycle will mostly last for 20 to 50 days or may even go for 5 to 8 months if the cycle is interrupted anywhere in between. The frequency and dose strength is determined by keeping into account the endurance o tolerance capacity of the individual as well as the goal that he or she wants to achieve through this recreational therapy.

What are the possible side effects of HGH?

Any steroidal medication will have certain extent of advantageous and disadvantageous effects depending on the way you are administering it. There are some possible adverse effects which you may come across during the regulation of HGH but are not restricted to:

  • Acromegaly- a serious medical condition that is characterised by the sudden and abnormal growth of body tissues in the face, hands and feet. It may also affect the bone density, muscle and connective tissues.
  • Muscle fatigue.
  • HGH belly- characterised by the protrusion of the belly in forward direction due to enlargement of the intestines. It may affect the heart muscles as well resulting in a condition called cardiomyopathy.
  • Edema- swelling due to fluid build-up.

Avoid all the adversities by administering the best growth hormone strength cycle for body building.