Google Now Lets You Search via Twitter, by Tweeting Emoji at @Google

Google’s introduced a nifty new feature for Twitter addicts. This feature brings the ability to search for local results without leaving the Twitter app. Users can search for things to do by just tweeting an emoji @Google, and you will get search results on the Twitter app.

Google Now Lets You Search via Twitter, by Tweeting Emoji at @GoogleAccording to Mashable, the tech giant has built-in interactions for over 200 different emoji. The emoji search will then deliver search results ranging from food to local activities. For example, you’re looking for a pizza place around the corner, just tweet the pizza emoji @Google, and Google will serve you results of pizza places nearby. This even includes a Map with restaurant listings on it.

There are several easter eggs also included in the mix, like Google seems to think that the peach emoji is ‘bootylicious’ , and interesting results show up for ‘cow’, ‘poop’ and even ‘eggplant’ emoji as well. Google is looking to promote local search results with this tweet to @Google feature. The tech giant used the #KnowNearby hashtag to imply that the search results are location based.
Google Search recently integrated the Google Maps’ ATM finder feature on its India homepage, and launched the ability to find ATMs in the vicinity easily. Below the search box on, you will now find the ‘Find an ATM near you’ link. Clicking this link will open Google Maps, which will use your location data to show you all the ATMs in your vicinity. The feature is available on both desktops and mobile devices. Unfortunately, the Google Search tool does not show if the ATM has cash or not.

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