Lift Up Your Mood And Those Dumbbells With Ease

Wondering how you can achieve something like this? Killing two birds with one stone is not an easy task. Nonetheless, there are ways to getting what you really want without giving up on anything else that you might desire. Don’t feel like hitting the gym just because you don’t like lifting those heavy-duty dumbbells anymore? Don’t let the mood you are in right now kill your desire to work out at the gym and work things out with your one true love. Now, it is easily possible.

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Everything is connected

When you can’t work out at the gym, it affects your health and in turn, your love life, career, and far more than you could have imagined. On the other hand, certain performance enhancers can give you that much needed boost in life. Now, don’t lose sleep over something that doesn’t seem to be under your control. Instead, read up the list of benefits for mood that these performance enhancers can have. Of course, you would discover certain things that you never knew about them including their ability to combat depression along with unhealthy desires. So, do you still desire that unhealthy lifestyle with undesirable habits? If so, it is high time you realized that it calls for a fresh New Year resolution that must be kept this time round at least lest you want to let your situation ruin everything else.

Ring out the old

Do not let unpleasant situations conquer your life. Instead, march ahead and conquer the difficulties in your life with a smile on your face and a strong resolution in the mind. Imagine what a few small changes to your lifestyle can do for you. Think of the new you that would emerge after you consume those performance enhancers. Sound like a plan to you? After a few weeks’ time, you will begin to notice certain positive changes in your life along with a toned body that speaks volumes about you and for you. Of course, there are certain things you need to consider such as the side effects too. While you may not want to overdose on something, it can be addictive when you know the positive aspects of the same. Nonetheless, prepare a plan and get ready to ring out the old while ringing in the new.

A necessary evil?

While people will tell you that certain objects that you desire are not good for you, they still deem them a necessary evil. Don’t let the swaying opinions of people sway you. Instead, look up the list of benefits for mood that some performance enhancers have to offer you and the others on the internet. In fact, you can also ask your gym coach to help you out with this exercise that can prove to you why such performance enhancing doses can be beneficial and not really negative. Everything is a projection of the mind. Well… almost! So, you can review the variegated aspects of the use of performance enhancers and find out for yourself whether it is a fact or just a transferred epithet that tells you as to who the culprit really is.

Google Play Movies Starts Rolling Out 4K UHD Resolution Option

Google Play Movies Starts Rolling Out 4K UHD Resolution OptionLast month, Google was spotted testing 4K resolution option for select titles on Google Play Movies in the US. Even though the search giant was expected to announce the rollout of the feature shortly, it didn’t do it right away. Now, Google has announced that the 4K resolution option for select movies is available for rent or purchase in select regions.

The company has already started rolling out the 4K UHD resolution option, starting with the US and Canada but did not mention the rollout plans for other countries in its blog post. As of now, Google Play Movies is offering 125 movie titles with the 4K UHD resolution option, and will be using its own open source video codec VP9.

“You can purchase 4K movies on your Android device or on the Web and stream them on your Chromecast Ultra, your Sony Bravia Android TV, or your Xiaomi Mi Box 3,” the company said in its blog post. The company has further announced that the new customers of Chromecast Ultra can get their first 4K UHD movie for free under a limited time offer that includes titles like Ghostbusters and Captain Philips.

As mentioned in our earlier report, for all titles the option for rental in UHD resolution is available at a price of $7.99 (roughly Rs. 550), compared with $3.99 (roughly Rs. 270) for HD resolution and $2.99 (roughly Rs. 200) for SD version. If we talk about the purchase price, the price difference becomes even more noticeable with 4K content available in a range from $24.99 (roughly Rs. 1,700) to $29.99 (roughly Rs. 2,050), compared with $12.99 (roughly Rs. 900) price tag for HD purchase.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Google to roll out the 4K UHD resolution option to other countries and whether it cuts down its prices going forward.

Google Now Lets You Search via Twitter, by Tweeting Emoji at @Google

Google’s introduced a nifty new feature for Twitter addicts. This feature brings the ability to search for local results without leaving the Twitter app. Users can search for things to do by just tweeting an emoji @Google, and you will get search results on the Twitter app.

Google Now Lets You Search via Twitter, by Tweeting Emoji at @GoogleAccording to Mashable, the tech giant has built-in interactions for over 200 different emoji. The emoji search will then deliver search results ranging from food to local activities. For example, you’re looking for a pizza place around the corner, just tweet the pizza emoji @Google, and Google will serve you results of pizza places nearby. This even includes a Map with restaurant listings on it.

There are several easter eggs also included in the mix, like Google seems to think that the peach emoji is ‘bootylicious’ , and interesting results show up for ‘cow’, ‘poop’ and even ‘eggplant’ emoji as well. Google is looking to promote local search results with this tweet to @Google feature. The tech giant used the #KnowNearby hashtag to imply that the search results are location based.
Google Search recently integrated the Google Maps’ ATM finder feature on its India homepage, and launched the ability to find ATMs in the vicinity easily. Below the search box on, you will now find the ‘Find an ATM near you’ link. Clicking this link will open Google Maps, which will use your location data to show you all the ATMs in your vicinity. The feature is available on both desktops and mobile devices. Unfortunately, the Google Search tool does not show if the ATM has cash or not.

Huawei Enjoy 6s With 3GB of RAM Launched: Price, Specifications, and More

Huawei has unveiled its new Enjoy 6s smartphone in China. Priced at CNY 1,599 (approximately Rs. 16,000), the Huawei Enjoy 6s is now available to buy in China in Gold, Silver, and White colour variants.

Huawei Enjoy 6s With 3GB of RAM Launched: Price, Specifications, and MoreThe Huawei Enjoy 6s is an upgraded variant of the Huawei Enjoy 6. The Enjoy 6s looks almost identical to its predecessor with a few differences on the back panel. On the design front, the new Huawei Enjoy 6s also sports metal body and comes with chamfered edges. It measures 7.6mm thin and supports dual-SIM functionality.

It features a 5-inch HD (720×1280 pixels) IPS LCD display, unlike the Enjoy 6 that came with AMOLED panel. Under the hood, the Enjoy 6s is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor clocked at 1.4GHz coupled with 3GB of RAM. The handset packs 32GB of inbuilt storage. It sports a 13-megapixel rear camera with f/2.2 aperture and a 5-megapixel front camera. The handset is backed by a 3020mAh battery which is smaller than the 4100mAh battery on the Enjoy 6. It supports 4G with VoLTE and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Huawei’s Emotion UI 4.1. The smartphone also has a fingerprint scanner at the back. The Enjoy 6 was water and dust resistant with IP52 certification though there is no word whether the Huawei Enjoy 6s is also water and dust resistant. The Enjoy 6s launch was first reported by GizmoChina.

Launched in October this year, the Huawei Enjoy 6 was launched in China at CNY 1,299 (approximately Rs. 13,000). Much like the Enjoy 6, Huawei may not launch the Enjoy 6s outside China.

ISRO Successfully Inserts Resourcesat-2A Satellite Into Orbit

India on Wednesday morning successfully put into orbit its own earth observation satellite Resourcesat-2A in textbook style.

“Today we had a successful launch of Resourcesat-2A to provide three tier imaging data. The satellites solar panels were deployed. The launch was perfect,” A.S. Kiran Kumar, Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), said soon after the launch.

Kumar said that for the first time a camera was put on the rocket, and as a result the launch of the satellite and the deployment of solar panels were seen.

ISRO Successfully Inserts Resourcesat-2A Satellite Into OrbitAround 10.25am the PSLV-XL variant rocket standing 44.4 metres tall and weighing 321 ton tore into the morning skies with fierce orange flames at its tail.

Gathering speed every second, the rocket raced towards the heavens amidst the cheers of the ISRO officials and the media team assembled at the port here.

At the rocket mission control room, Indian space scientists at ISRO were glued to their computer screens watching the rocket escaping the Earth’s gravitational pull.

Around 18 minutes into the flight, the rocket slung the 1,235 kg Resourcesat-2A into an 817-km polar sun synchronous orbit.
The PSLV rocket is a four stage/engine rocket powered by solid and liquid fuel alternatively.

According to ISRO, Resourcesat-2A is a follow-on mission to Resourcesat-1 and Resourcesat-2, launched in 2003 and 2011 respectively.
The new satellite Resourcesat-2A is intended to continue the remote sensing data services to global users provided by it two predecessors.

The Resourcesat-2A carries three payloads which are similar to those of the earlier two Resourcesat’s.

They are a high resolution Linear Imaging Self Scanner (LISS-4) camera operating in three spectral bands in the Visible and Near Infrared Region (VNIR) with 5.8 m spatial resolution and steerable up to 26 degree across track to achieve a five day revisit capability.

The second payload is the medium resolution LISS-3 camera operating in three-spectral bands in VNIR and one in Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) band with 23.5 m spatial resolution.

The third payload is a coarse resolution Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS) camera operating in three spectral bands in VNIR and one band in SWIR with 56 m spatial resolution.

The satellite also carries two Solid State Recorders with a capacity of 200 Giga Bits each to store the images taken by its cameras which can be read out later to ground stations.

The mission life of Resourcesat-2A is five years.